Stories from Camp

Here's what parents, campers, counselors, staff members and Board members are telling us about their Camp For All special needs camps experience! Do you have a story about Camp For All? Tell us about it HERE or email it to Pat Sorrells at! 


Camp Janus 

I was talking to two Camp Janus girls and I asked them where they were from. One camper said New Mexico. I said that that was a long way away and both girls instantly said "Camp is worth it!" It was really cool !
Camp For All Staff


My seven year old daughter, Abby, came back from her experience at Camp LIFE more independent, confident and full of the joy of life (if that is even possible!). Her favorite activities were canoes, wizard, tea party, the dance, carnival and microphone (meaning she serenaded the Dining Hall with songs from Annie).
Having Abby at camp knowing that she was in safe hands allowed her Dad and me to have adult conversations without interruption, to go to the movies and to paint our deck without worry of baby doll carriage tread marks! 
Thank you Camp For All for helping to re-fuel our tanks as well as filling Abby with the knowledge that camp is a place where she will always be loved, accepted and challenged.   
 ~ Kate

Camp Spike N' Wave

“Mom it was heaven! They have everything at camp that can teach you how to be Robinhood”

The best thing about having epilepsy is I get to come to Camp For All!”

~ Parker, age 10

Camp Hope

There was a teenage boy who was sad because he wasn't going to do anything in the talent show. He was usually a really happy kid, but sometimes he would get sad and would get these eyes that would break your heart and he didn't want to participate. I talked to him, and we decided to do the stanky leg in the talent show. We both wore black jackets and got up on stage, and he was amazing. The entire crowd was chanting his name and he had the biggest smile on his face. Afterward, he helped me hang up the clothes and thanked me for dancing with him. He talked about his dance for the rest of the week. And, whenever he was talking about it, he was totally beaming! It was awesome.
~ Counselor

Camp Champions

I was talking to one of the older boys who was graduating this year. I asked him what his favorite part of camp was, and he said the food and the friends. Because the food was really good and everyone here was so nice. :)
~ Camp For All Staff Member

Better than Christmas...

During Water Day, Richard was talking about how much fun he was having, so I asked him if this was his favorite day of the year. And he said yes. Then, I asked him if it was better than Christmas, and he said "Camp is better than Christmas!"
~ Counselor

Camp Periwinkle

“Camp For All is better than Disneyland!”  
~ Camper, Camp Periwinkle

Camp Periwinkle

Mylan, a first time camper with Periwinkle said "Camp Periwinkle is the best camp in the entire country. All the activities are so much fun, and I have a lot of friends here." Then, on the last day, he said "I keep crossing my fingers and wishing that camp will just start over so we don’t have to go home tomorrow!"

~ Camp Periwinkle Counselor

Camp Dermadillo

Today, after Water Day, a first year camper from Camp Dermadillo was talking about how much fun it was. He has a skin condition called Alopecia, which has caused him to have a lot of bald patches on his head. In a really excited voice he said, "If I still have Alopecia next year, I can come back to camp!" So, he sees camp as the silver lining! And that was only after Sunday night activities and Water Day!

~ Camp For All Staff Member

Camp is the only place he feels special...

There are a hundred to tell, but this one hit me pretty hard last week as well...

A camper's mom called me a few days ago to tell me what happened with her son at school.  She got a call that she needed to come pick him up because he was having a "breakdown' and couldn't gain control."

He is a bit delayed and the school has always altered his work for him.  However, they had given him the same 4th grade TAKS test they gave everyone else.  The teacher told him he failed it and would have to take a summer class to try and pass.  His first question was about camp.  When she told him he wouldn't be able to go, he broke down sobbing and couldn't stop.
When his mom got to the school she was irate.  The first thing she told Dakotah was that it was okay, he would be able to go to camp.  She told the principal and teacher that no matter what else he had to do to pass his test, he would not miss camp.  She said,"Camp is the only place he feels special and that he's worth something.  It's the only place he fits in, and he will never miss camp for anything." 
She went on to tell me how he waits all year long for camp and that he's a different kid when he gets back.  She said she was afraid if he didn't have camp, he might shut down and never come back. 
~ Camp For All Staff Member 

Spike N' Wave

It's an amazing thing that we have the chance to be a part of, isn't it?

Camp Phever

“Riding horses is a memory that lasts forever”

~ Daniel, 10 - Camp Phever


My daughter Claire, a freshman at Memorial High School and I volunteered in August. As soon as we were done serving breakfast, the morning music and calisthenics began. The counselors had that place jumping! All of the kids were crowded around the stage singing and dancing. Now, dancing has never been my strong suit so I chose to observe. My daughter would have gladly joined in but dancing in front of dad must not be cool. What I saw was pure enjoyment! Kids acting like kids! I am not sure what disease or life challenges these kids have faced but there was no evidence of it during morning dancing.
~ David Rottino, Board member