Camp For All

6301 Rehburg Road

Burton, TX 77835

Houston Office

3701 Kirby Drive, Suite 570

Houston, TX 77098


Who We Are

Camp For All Founders
Paul Gerson, M.D., Larry Neuhaus, Robert Zeller, M.D.

In 1993, two Houston physicians who care for children with special needs teamed up with a parent who lost a child to cancer.  Their mission was to create a unique place that would embrace those who because of an illness or disability had limited opportunities to experience the joy of camp.

With important feedback from the organizations Camp For All now serves, this barrier-free camp became a reality in 1998. Today, Camp For All welcomes approximately 11,000 children and adults throughout the year.  Working in collaboration with 64 different non-profit organizations, Camp For All has served 150,000 campers.

Who We Are

Pat Prior Sorrells

President and CEO

713-686-5666 ext: 11

Belinda Munsell

Development Director

713-686-5666 ext: 12

Kurt R. Podeszwa

Camp Director

979-289-3752 ext: 101

April McIntosh

Human Resource and Finance Director

713-686-5666 ext: 22


Ricki Hendrix

Special Events Manager

713-686-5666 ext: 15

Elizabeth Gonzales

Special Events Coordinator

713-686-5666 ext: 19

Susanna Leonard

Volunteer Supervisor


Guest Services

Virginia Faust

Housekeeping Supervisor

979-289-3752 ext: 112

Taylor Terrell

Food Services Supervisor

979-289-3752 ext: 110


Johnny Martin



Nathan Kalkhake

Facilities Supervisor


Bobby Kloecker

Grounds Supervisor



Jessicah Holloway

Program Manager

979-289-3752 ext: 121

Lindsay Gallmore

Program Supervisor

979-289-3752 ext: 105

Mike Ham

Ranch Supervisor

979-289-3752 ext. 106

Sarah Wallace

Program Supervisor

979-289-3752 ext: 106

Ian McKenzie

Program Supervisor

979-289-3752 ext. 107

Office Coordinators

June DeLeon

Executive Office Administrator

713-686-5666 ext. 20

Beth Deans

Administrative Coordinator

979-289-3752 ext. 100

Board of Directors 2018

Michael E. Lewter, Chair

Gary Appelt, M.D.

Jim Avioli

Brett Berly

Jason Bernhardt

Ginger Bertrand

Julie Boushka

Pam Brasseux

Rogers L. Crain

Lyndsay Fincher

Andy Fossler

Mark Harmon

Joel A. Johnson

John Kelley

Dorothy Marchand

Susan Martin

Matt Mogas

Pepette Mongrain

Michael Odegard

Robin Reed

Ann Rogers

Patrick Samuels

Julie Taetz

Eric Wade

Susan Walker-Spalding

Leslye Weaver

Martha White

Julius Young, Jr.

Ex Officio

Taylor McDaniel

Lesley Schick

Pat Prior Sorrells

Michelle Zschech


Paul Gerson, M.D.

Laurence B. Neuhaus

Robert S. Zeller, M.D.

Legal Counsel

Gary W. Miller

Advisory Board

Cynthia Adkins

Kathy Archer

Sally Blackie-Sengel

Tom Behanick

Peter Boudreaux

Eleanor Brown

Jack Maddox

Laurie Bruce-Maddox

Bonnie Kelley Dienna

Mimi Dompier

Michael Donaldson

ZoAnn Dreyer

Dennis "Corky" Fowler

Francia Gentry

Curt Glowacki

Joanie Haley

Alan Kaniss

Louis Macey

Judy Margolis

David G. Poplack, M.D.

Blake Randolph

Carlos Rivera, M.D.

David Rottino

Chip Routt, M.D.

Joshua Samuels, M.D.

Laurie P. Selzer

Cyndee Smith

David Sommer

Robin Stein

Leon B. Toubin

Angela Wrigglesworth

Chairs' Council

Joe Blount

Paul Gerson, M.D.

Rock Houstoun

Gary Miller

Jay Munisteri

Laurence B. Neuhaus

Becky Neuhaus

Lisa O'Leary

Liz Rigney

Pat Schaefer

Robert S. Zeller, MD

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