Camp For All: A Camp in Texas for The Visually Impaired & Blind

Children and adults experiencing blindness or visual impairment deserve the opportunity to experience camp life as much as those with functional sighting. That’s why Camp For All created its visual impairment camp in Texas. At Camp For All, we believe in offering a truly barrier-free environment for anyone experiencing special needs or challenging illnesses.

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Camp Facts:

  • Camp For All partners with more than 65 other not-for-profit organizations each year
  • More than 11,000 campers attend Camp For All throughout the year
  • Camp For All has served more than 160,000 campers since the gates opened

Blindness & Visual Impairment Non-Profit/Organizations


DARS Division for Blind Services
Teens who are vision-impaired

Contact: Joe Campbell

LIFE Day Camp

Family Support Network
Children with physical and intellectual disabilities 

Contact: Aimee Day


    Family Support Network
    Children with physical and intellectual disabilities

    Contact: Aimee Day

      Discover a Fun and Safe Texas Camp for the Blind

      The camp’s founders, Paul Gerson, Robert Zeller and Larry Neuhaus had personal experience with caring for children with special needs and parenting a child with cancer. They created Camp For All with the mission of establishing a beautiful, safe space for children and adults with special needs to delight in the joys of the great outdoors and the value of community living. At our camp for blind children, youth get to take part in treasured camp activities with expertly trained staff and a versatile approach that makes each activity accessible no matter an individual’s ability. 

      Research shows that “children of all ages” benefit from time spent outdoors, so we also offer a summer camp for blind adults. Our cutting-edge technology and intentionally designed outdoor areas, restrooms and sleeping quarters means that each camper’s unique needs can be accommodated in a way that is empowering and normalized. We believe that camp offers an abundance of benefits to participants including:

      • Providing joyful memories
      • Building confidence and a “can do” attitude
      • Providing opportunities for growth and emotional healing
      • Realizing that you are not alone

      With so many benefits to one’s mental, emotional and physical health, who wouldn’t want to gift this opportunity to a loved one?


      I had a seizure at Camp. When I got through it, I said, ‘I guess I have to go home, now. And they said, No….Let’s go to archery!’ It made me realize that I wasn’t defined by having epilepsy.

      Call Today to Register for Visual Impairment Summer Camp in Texas

      Whether you’re a visually impaired adult interested in some rest and rejuvenation, or a parent or caregiver interested in signing a child up for our summer camp for blind children, a member of our staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Call our office at 979-289-3752 or email us at


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