Campers at Camp For All discover life, but so do our volunteers! Everyone at Camp For All has a heartfelt understanding and appreciation for the impact our volunteers make. Our goal is to match our volunteer expectations with what is best for our campers.

Volunteer At Camp For All

Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities. Ready to volunteer? Click the link below that applies to you:

First Time Volunteer
Returning Volunteer

If you would like to contact someone directly, please email  volunteer@campforall.org

Volunteer At Camp For All 2U

Assist in bringing the joy of Camp For All directly to the hospitals for campers who are unable to leave and attend Camp! Canoeing, archery, s’mores, barnyard animals, you name it, it’s happening! Serving multiple hospitals in both Houston and Austin, the impact on the campers is huge and the volunteers love the experience.

Background check
For the safety of our campers, we run a background check every year for each volunteer. Background checks can become very costly as we have over 1,000 volunteers each year at Camp For All. We now have the option for the volunteer to choose to pay for their own background check to help Camp For All keep its expenses lower. This generous donation on the part of the volunteer will support the Camp For All mission to bring more campers to camp and assist each camper monetarily with individual camp costs. Below there are two links to complete your background check, the first link will collect $6.50 for your background check; the second link will not charge you for the background check, please choose the option that best suits you.

I would like to pay for my background check

Please do not charge me for my background check

Volunteer To Be A Counselor With One Of Our Partners

Camp For All collaborates with more than 65 other not-for-profit organizations. If you are interested in volunteering to be a counselor in a cabin, click the button below to find a camp and then contact that camp directly for an application.


You don’t want to miss out on joining one of the Camp For All volunteer groups! They are vital to our organization and you’ll find it extremely rewarding. To top it off, you’ll meet a lot of wonderful and passionate people and enjoy every minute!


This group of volunteers is responsible for helping to raise awareness and raise funds for Camp For All. They choose their level of involvement — including volunteering at camp, office support, hosting cultivation events or chairing events in the greater Camp area.

The Camp Friends are a vital part of the success of the Camp For All mission. Please consider joining and helping to serve thousands of children and adults with special needs and challenging illnesses that pass through the gates of Camp For All each year! Your level of involvement is up to you, but it is time well spent.

To join or for more information, contact Ricki Hendrix at 713-686-5666 ext. 15 or rhendrix@campforall.org. To become a member or renew your membership now, REGISTER HERE

Michelle Zschech – Chair
Katie Alford
Sabrina Altman
Sue Anderson
Debbie Bender
Eva Coffey
Pam Green
Darren Huckert
Jennifer Jones
Janice Kramer
Kyle Merten
Brice Milliorn
Jamie Rankin
Cyndee Smith
Possum Steinbach
Linda Thaler

Young Professionals

Based in Houston, the Camp For All Young Professionals (YP) is a service, leadership and social organization comprised of young men and women who support the mission of Camp For All. Through fundraising events, social gatherings and volunteering at Camp, members strive to increase awareness of Camp For All among the young adult community. Members enjoy the benefits of social and peer networking and have an opportunity to develop or enhance leadership skills through committee or board service.

To join or for more information on events and membership, contact Ricki Hendrix at 713.686.5666 or rhendrix@campforall.org. To become a member or renew your membership now REGISTER HERE

Taylor McDaniel – Chair
Margaret Crowson
Michael Davenport
Katie Dowdell
Brittany A. Faron, MD
Elorm Gbordzoe
Taylor Knapp
Lynh Le
Ashley Nichols
Lindsay Owens
Katie Smith
Matt Taylor
Peter Wismer


6301 Rehburg Road Burton, TX 77835


6301 Rehburg Road
Burton, TX 77835

P: 979-289-3752
F: 979-289-5046


3701 Kirby Drive, Suite 570
Houston, TX 77098

P: 713-686-5666 ext. 20
F: 713-686-1242

Camp For All is a unique, barrier-free camp working in partnership with other not-for-profit organizations to enrich the lives of children and adults with challenging illnesses or special needs and their families throughout the year.

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