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More than fun.

Research indicates that campers leave Camp For All with a sense of hope, growth in self-confidence and in an environment of understanding they realize they are not alone.

Drs. Clifton E. Watts, Ann M. Gillard, and Peter A. Witt from the Texas A&M University Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences, conducted a multiple year study on Camp For All.  The purpose was to understand outcomes associated with camp participation and what key events, activities and processes lead to these changes for children with challenging illnesses and special needs at summer camp. View the Study.

Gillard, A.M., Camp Periwinkle at Camp For All Case Study 2009 

Gillard, A.M., Camp Hope at Camp For All Case Study, 2009

Shelton, Kyle, Caregiver Benefits, 2009

Accepted/Presented Papers

Gillard, A.M., Witt, P.A.,& Watts, C.E. (2009, March). Organizational Processes

Issues at a Camp for Youth with HIV/AIDS. Accepted for Northeast Recreation Research Symposium, Bolton Landing, New York

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