Camp Friends

Volunteer, raise awareness in the community and help coordinate fundraising activities to support the mission of Camp For All.

Membership Benefits

Opportunity to serve on Camp For All Board Committees

Attend unique events

Participate in meaningful volunteer projects

Camp Friends Board

Kyle Merten, Chair
Katie Alford
Sue Anderson
Eva Coffey
McKenzie Gillilan
Pam Green
Lisa Hernandez
Bailey Hodde
Jennifer Jones
Janice Kramer
Kyle Merten
Brice Milliorn
Jamie Rankin
Joliee Robinson
Cyndee Smith
Kathy Steffen
Linda Thaler
Archer Hadley
Mandy Forbes
Sandie Kindt
Leigh Linden
Jack Maddox
Kyle Priesmeyer
Kaylee Roznovsky
Meredith Stuart
Jenny Schaer