I had a camper from MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) Camp come up and ask me to teach him how to swim, so I spent lots of time with him at the pool teaching him. Then, the next day the same boy came up to me and told me that he was able to sit himself up by himself for the first time because of the swimming lessons and strength he had gained from the swimming we did the day before. –Camp For All staff member

I felt like I had no one. Until I went to Camp Spike ‘N Wave at Camp for All. There, I realized I was not alone. –Spike ‘N Wave camper 

Fifteen years ago, I crossed the threshold of gates into Camp For All, the most magical wonderland of love, laughter, hope and healing that has transformed the lives of so many tens of thousands of children and adults, including me. As a doctor, it’s not easy to know that I can’t always heal my patients’ bodies, but with Camp, I can help heal their souls. –Camp counselor 

Thank you so much for providing an environment that can handle his medical needs while giving him the opportunity to do things he’s never done before and make friends who face similar challenges! He loves Camp for All and so do we! –Camper parent 

I am a camper at Camp For All and it has become my second home. It’s a place that changed my life more than I can put into words! I am a cancer survivor and cancer has changed my life for better and for worse, and Camp is one of the great things it left me! –Dreamcatcher camper 

This was my son’s first camp experience and he absolutely loved it! The amount if activities they do with the children were amazing and the friendships my son gained was great. The facility is well manicured and clean from what I saw and the staff makes the kids feel truly welcomed. It was truly refreshing to know that my son was amongst peers that go through the same issue he has endured, and it helped him realized how strong he is. –Camper parent 

This camp is awesome and the staff is exceptional. Every year that my kids and I go, we all have fun and it is an experience of a lifetime each time. –Camper parent 

Being at Camp was the first time I felt normal and included. I actually felt like a kid. –Wacky Winter Weekend camper 

Once we found out about Camp For All it was the best thing that ever happened to my sister. Camp brings people together that don’t experience this comradery outside of here. You get to see the impact it makes in their life. We saw a huge glow appear in my sister that lasted the whole entire year. –Camper sibling and volunteer 

I brought a friend with me to volunteer one summer and one of the campers came running up and threw his arms around my friend’s neck. Turns out, she had taught him to swim when he was a little boy, and they hadn’t seen each other in years. She asked him if he liked camp and with a huge smile, he replied, ‘They love me here! They really do!’ It was a moment I will always remember. –Camp For All volunteer 

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