A camper named Big Mike who is blind and has been coming to Camp For All for 10 years was in Star Place and got up the rock wall and down the zip line all on his own for the very first time. He had always been too scared to do it before, but on year 10 decided he could. Once he’d accomplished it he exclaimed how much fun it was and how wish he would’ve tried it sooner! –Camp For All staff member
If I’ve done anything right in my life, it’s Camp. Everything else can be crazy, but Camp makes you feel like you’ve done something right. –Camp For All staff member
Camp was the one place where I feel like I can just be myself and be a kid. –Camp HOPE camper

I have never known anyone before who had PKU and am grateful to have made friends that do and go through the same things as me. –Camp PHEver camper 

I’ve gotten to do so many things I’ve never done before and am so excited to come back next summer! –Camp HOPE camper 

I love Camp because before I came I thought I was the only person in the world with burns, and now I realize being at Camp For All that I’m not. –Camp Janus camper 

My patient had recently had surgery and up until last week wasn’t talking much and was needing total assistance for all functions. This week at Camp For All 2U I watched her pop a ping pong ball into goal and her face lit up in a way I’ve never seen before. In a way her mom hadn’t seen before either. –Pediatric Physical Therapist, Texas Children’s Hospital 

Such a spectacular facility with such a great mission. It means the world to my boys. –Camper parent 

I’m one of those people with Autism and I’m glad y’all accept me for who I am. And not only accept me, but appreciate me. –Camp For All camper 

To say camp changed my life is an understatement. Camp became my life and became my passion from the moment I went through the gates. I made lifelong friends, I faced my fears and my relationship with my sister grew stronger. –Camp For All camper 

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6301 Rehburg Road
Burton, TX 77835

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Camp For All is a unique, barrier-free camp working in partnership with other not-for-profit organizations to enrich the lives of children and adults with challenging illnesses or special needs and their families throughout the year.

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