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No barriers

Why camp for all?

Camp is a place where all children get to experience opportunities for independence, increased self-confidence and community-living skills. For children and adults with special needs and challenging illnesses, this is even truer. Camp For All helps our campers Discover Life by showing them that there are other people out there with the same issues. Campers also find out more things that they can do at Camp For All due to our barrier-free facilities, universal programming and understanding staff.


More than 64 different not-for-profit Partners bring their camps and campers to Camp For All. To register your camper, you must contact the appropriate camp directly. The Partners provide medical staff who understand the specific needs of your child, “in cabin” counselors and leadership with an understanding of the specific needs of the group.

Most of the camps that camp at Camp For All do not charge the campers to attend. In order to help make that happen, we work to raise more than $2.4 million annually to help cover half the cost for each camper. Our Partners raise the additional funds. However, there are a few camps that do not have the ability to raise those additional funds. While we still cover half the cost for each camper, a few Partners charge a fee to attend. In order to find out whether or not a camp charges a fee, you must contact the camp that you are interested in attending.

Camp For All is prepared to address almost any dietary issue your child might have. In fact, we are able to accommodate multiple needs at any one camp. Contact Charlotte Avera at 979-289-3752 ext 103.

Camp For All is accredited by the American Camp Association. Our activities are led by staff who are trained in all aspects of camp, including safety guidelines. We require background checks for all personnel. Partner camps must supply the information for their staff. Visitors are not able to walk around camp unless they are accompanied by someone that has had a background check.



Preparing for camp

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