Camp for all: A Camp in Texas for Cancer Patients

Here at Camp For All, we believe that a cancer patient’s camp in Texas can change lives and open up doors to all manner of new options and activities. We pride ourselves on being a barrier-free camp, so that every single camper who comes here can have the same wonderful experience.

This is a mission we have been dedicated to since 1998, when we first launched on more than 200 acres, dreaming of a camp for children with cancer and other hurdles to overcome. It’s now been more than 20 years since that first summer, and we see more than 11,000 campers annually. While it’s exceeded our wildest dreams, we still know there are many children out there who could benefit from this program, and we’re always pushing for increased inclusivity. 

We want to change lives. We want to help children who need it most. We are dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming place for everyone at our Texas camp for cancer patients.

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Camp Facts:

  • Camp For All partners with more than 65 other not-for-profit organizations each year
  • More than 11,000 campers attend Camp For All throughout the year
  • Camp For All has served more than 160,000 campers since the gates opened

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The Periwinkle Foundation
Teens & siblings with life-threatening illnesses

Contact: Larry Geiger

    Star Trails

    MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Center
    Children with cancer and blood disorders

    Contact: Lauren Shinn

      Rainbow Connection

      Childhood Cancer Connection
      Children and teens with cancer

      Contact: Catalina Castro

        Periwinkle Family Camp

        The Periwinkle Foundation
        Families affected by cancer or other life-threatening illness

        Contact: Larry Geiger


          The Periwinkle Foundation
          Children and their siblings with cancer

          Contact: Larry Geiger

            What the Barrier-Free Experience Means 

            At a barrier-free summer camp for children with cancer, we know that kids can be transformed. They can be uplifted. They can be changed. Time and time again, we see that this experience:

            • Provides hope
            • Helps them discover and explore
            • Creates joy
            • Shows them that they’re not alone
            • Builds self-confidence
            • Promotes emotional healing

            Not only is the summer camp experience itself a joy for kids, but we give children who may have felt excluded a chance to participate in new ways. We include everyone. We offer options they can’t get anywhere else.


            I had a seizure at Camp. When I got through it, I said, ‘I guess I have to go home, now. And they said, No….Let’s go to archery!’ It made me realize that I wasn’t defined by having epilepsy.

            Cancer Patients Summer Camp in Texas: How to Contact Us

            If you want to learn more about a summer camp for adults with cancer and for children with cancer, just give us a call at 979-289-3752.

            Our friendly staff will be glad to answer any of your questions.


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            F: 979-289-5046

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