Camp For All: A Camp in Texas for Cardiac Issues

If you are interested in a cardiac issues camp in Texas, contact the team at Camp For All. Our facilities are specially designed for both children and adults with special needs including mobility and learning challenges as well as those fighting challenging illnesses and other issues. Our 206-acre campsite has nature trails, lakes, wooded areas and clearings so that we can offer a wide variety of activities to all of our campers.

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Camp Facts:

  • Camp For All partners with more than 65 other not-for-profit organizations each year
  • More than 11,000 campers attend Camp For All throughout the year
  • Camp For All has served more than 160,000 campers since the gates opened

The Leading Texas Summer Camp for Cardiac Issues

Our summer camp for children with cardiac issues offers a life-changing experience through our schedule of events, activities and no-barrier approach. The belief that has supported our mission is that each child and adult should be able to have access to and enjoy nature no matter the challenges each individual faces. We strive to provide an environment that encourages inclusion, independence and adventure. Here are a few more reasons to choose us as a summer camp for adults with cardiac issues:


  • Cutting edge facilities. We have created a camp that includes extra wide sidewalks to enhance wheelchair mobility, brought in low beds and designed our cabins, bathrooms and showers to be fully accommodating. In addition, we have installed ramps and lifts so that our campers can enjoy the pool and even go horseback riding.
  • Recognized as a national leader. Our program has been recognized nationally when it comes to providing life-changing experiences for individuals who face a multitude of challenges.
  • A place for everyone. Our team is dedicated to providing an environment that fosters healing, encourages independence and makes inclusion a priority so that each one of our campers has the most beneficial and positive experience possible.


    I had a seizure at Camp. When I got through it, I said, ‘I guess I have to go home, now. And they said, No….Let’s go to archery!’ It made me realize that I wasn’t defined by having epilepsy.

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    If you have been searching for a summer camp for children with cardiac issues, look no further. Our innovative approach to camping has been offering a safe yet thrilling environment for more than 11,000 campers annually, including both children and adults with special needs or those fighting a challenging illness or condition. Contact our Houston office today at (713) 686-5666, ext. 20. 


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