Camp For All: A Camp in Texas for Phenylketonuria (PKU)

Camp For All is a fun and safe inclusive camp in Texas providing barrier-free activities to kids and adults with challenging illnesses and special needs. We’ve proudly operated our camp for wonderful visitors from all around the country since 1998. Over 11,000 happy campers have graced our presence annually. 

Our friendly staff loves seeing campers, both old and new, grow confident through truly barrier-free experiences and stimulating activities they wouldn’t have access to at home. You will enjoy additional piece of mind knowing that we require an annual background check of all volunteers. We maintain exemplary safety standards as a phenylketonuria camp in Texas.

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Camp Facts:

  • Camp For All partners with more than 65 other not-for-profit organizations each year
  • More than 11,000 campers attend Camp For All throughout the year
  • Camp For All has served more than 160,000 campers since the gates opened

GOALS for Campers at Our Summer Camp for Children with PKU

  • Discover and enrich life through many mental and physical group activities.
  • Have fun and experience joy at camp, regardless of ability.
  • Develop new skills that increase self-reliance and confidence.
  • Enjoy a sense of vibrant community and spark new friendships.

Everyone who works at Camp For All has a heartfelt appreciation for their contribution to our campers’ growth and experiences regardless of their abilities. We make summer camp for children with PKU a fun and rewarding experience that will always be treasured. 

We have activities such as safe, closely guided swimming pool time, climbing activities, exhilarating swings, wheelchair basketball and hockey, and more! And for those children who cannot leave the hospital, we can bring Texas summer camp for PKU to YOU. We have a wealth of experience in bringing amazing camp programs right to your proverbial doorstep.


I had a seizure at Camp. When I got through it, I said, ‘I guess I have to go home, now. And they said, No….Let’s go to archery!’ It made me realize that I wasn’t defined by having epilepsy.

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If you’d like more information about our summer camp for adults with PKU, as well as children with special needs or challenging illnesses, please call us at 979-289-3752 or email


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F: 979-289-5046


3701 Kirby Drive, Suite 570
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